Monday, April 9, 2012

Seeking WWOOFer's and Volunteers!

InspirEarth Organics is a young farm. We are in our second year now and we run a Harvest Box program, similar to a CSA.  The first year we grew about 80 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  We are always experimenting with new crops and varieties. 

We prefer heritage varieties of vegetables and are considering adding some laying chickens this summer as well.  We have a greenhouse in which we experimented with winter growing this past winter.  Results were not as great as we hoped for, but we learned a lot and will try again next winter as well.  We believe year-round vegetable production is very important to work towards.

If you choose to visit us you will enjoy a wonderful sense of peace at our farm.  Next to us are some horses and there’s nothing quite like the sound of neighing horses and a few paragliders wooping it up on the other side! The sky is brilliant blue most of the summer and the temperature warm, not humid.  If it gets too hot just go jump in the river or wet your feet to cool down.  It borders our farm. 

WWOOFer’s accomodation is off site but nearby in a comfortable modern home.  The basic amenities are included and a few bonuses as well such as bicycles.  If you are here on a Sunday or Wednesday you can come and work with me at the market or put together the Harvest Boxes.  Berry picking at a neighboring organic farm is another weekly activity.  Of course on an organic farm there is always plenty of weeding to do along with the harvesting and planting.  The farm has lots of horsetail so be sure to have a daily cup of horsetail tea and bring some home with you too.  It’s super high in silica so great for your hair, nails and bones.  A cup a day works wonders!

Pemberton has got to be the most awesome spot in all of Canada and I’ve been from the most eastern island to the most western point.   Until the 1970’s it was pretty much cut off from the world since there was no major highway. Even today when you drive into the village you will get the feeling you are living in an old western movie.  It is not unusual to see people riding horses through the main street.   Have one of the best meals in BC at “The Pony”, a European style restaurant we provide some produce to.  There are plenty of places to eat out and a great grocery store that has just about everything the average Whole Foods has.  Of course there is fresh produce from our farm or neighboring farms. 

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